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Noleggio Biciclette Stresa lago Maggiore

Stresa - Arona Roundtrip

Start from Stresa Bike rental and reach SS 33 (a panoramic route along the lake), here continue towards Arona.
Pass through the villages of Belgirate, Lesa and Meina enjoying the beautiful landscape.
Before Arona turn right following directions to Dagnente, get through the Colossus of San Carlo and take via Verbano.
After Dagnente continue towards Ghevio (via Ghevio-Dagnente and via Meina) and follow directions to Gignese.
Then pass through the small villages of: Pisano, Nebbiuno, Massino Visconti and Brovello-Carpugnino.
Turn right at the stop sign (after the motorway’s roundabout), towards via Gignese. Then you’ll reach Stresa with a panoramic road.

Curiosity: The statue of San Carlo is the highest in the area, with a total height of 35.10 meters, it was, for about two centuries, the tallest visitable statue in the world.

Download HERE the GPX tracks of the trail!
Discover HERE the 3D Map of the trail! 


Difficulty: Medium

Length: 44 km

Elevation gain: 304 m

Equipment: Road Bike, MTB, E-bike

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