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Noleggio Bicicletta Stresa lago Maggiore


Conquer the lonely mountain



This trail will take us to Montorfano, considered the watershed between Verbano, Cusio and the Ossola Valley. Because of its strategic location, this is the ideal viewpoint to take photos of the vast panorama of the lake. The route starts from Stresa heading north towards Feriolo for about 9 km along the lake front. At the small roundabout, continue straight towards the Riserva Regionale di Fondo Toce. After the bridge, take turn onto the road going to the campsite Isolino. After the petrol station, you take turn right and continue for about 4 km. Once you are back on the road, continue for 100 metres and turn right where the road starts climbing up towards the Linea Cadorna (a network of military fortifications, remnants of World War I, which was supposed to defend the territory from a potential Austro-German attack from Switzerland). After climbing for appoximately 200 m, the road becomes a dirt road.


Difficulty: Medium 

Length: 36,6 km

Elevation gain: 751 m

Equipment: MTB, E-MTB

Here the recently restored entrenchment road starts. As you're climbing, there is a steady gradient and after some hairpin turns, you reach the first stone block barracks set in a narrow valley. The route continues along a series of military artefacts of remarkable beauty characterised by the unique ability to use the stone, leading to the powder factory. From here you go back down the road you previoulsy climbed until you get to the crossing, turn right and continue the route back down to Montorfano for about 3 km. On the way back, pedal along the railway tracks until you reach the crossroads, turn left and pass the underpass and railway, continue along the cycle path to Fondo Toce. Once through the underpass, keep to the right, this takes you onto the road where you first started.

Download HERE the GPX track of the trail! 

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